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The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calls For A Sale!

With only two days left for the breast cancer awareness month to start, we at perfect memorials are all set to celebrate the entire month.

The month of October marks the beginning of the breast cancer awareness and it extends till the October 31st. You must know that a pink ribbon is the international symbol used to promote this awareness. The pink ribbon and also the color pink to some extent are considered as a breast cancer awareness symbol and people wear the ribbon in several different ways.

We are giving you an option to flaunt the pink ribbon in many different ways as well. We have a large variety of products with the ribbon engraved on it. You can choose from pendants, urns, photo frames as well as pack of cards. You will be charmed by the uniqueness of all these products. Our products are designed by professional who make it a point to provide every detailing to the product with immense precision.

Pink Awareness Ribbon Infinite Impression Cremation Urn

In order to celebrate the breast cancer awareness month, the products are available at a special discount of up to 70 % off. These awareness products will be available at the special discounted price for the entire month of October. It is a great opportunity for you to grab these exquisite products before stock clears out. Perfect Memorials has also decided to show support by making a monetary donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. We are proud sponsors in the search for a cure and early prevention and early detection.

You can purchase these products for yourself and they are also perfect for gifting to someone. Isn’t it a great idea to remember loved ones with a tinge of good hope attached to it? These products are basically memorial items that are used to store memories of the deceased. Two causes attached to a single product make it all the more special.

Hurry up and start picking up your favorites from here.

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The History of Cremation Jewelry

While cremation jewelry is coming back into popularity in the U.S. today, the actual history of necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry that contain a small portion of a loved one’s ashes dates back to the time of Christ, when people would carry hair, nail clippings, or even drops of blood or tears within a glass pendant in order to remember their dead. In times when cremation was rare, people instead often kept locks of hair in their remembrance jewelry, and some of these pieces remain today, as they have passed down from generation to generation. Read More »

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How to Find the Most Affordable Cremation Jewelry Online

If you have decided to purchase a piece of stainless steel cremation jewelry in order to carry a bit of your loved one forever, then you have also opted to buy a portable and beautiful memorial that will bring you comfort and joy as well. There are many options open to you when you choose this kind of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, lockets, and even brooches, but where can you find these pieces at a price you can afford? Read More »

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My Baby is Forever Close to Me

I never thought the tragedy of losing a child would strike out household, but when my husband and I lost our four-month old daughter to renal failure last year, the pain and grief that we felt was overwhelming. Michelle had been born premature and with several medical problems, and we were told that she might not survive, but we had hope as she reached her fourth month. Read More »

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How Photo Engraved Pendants Can Help Your Child Grieve

Dealing with death is difficult for everyone, but it is especially hard on children who are old enough to understand death but have never dealt with the passing of one close to them. In many cases, the first death that children must face is the passing of a childhood pet. Watching a pet age, grow ill, and sometimes suffer with the pains of old age before it dies naturally or must be put down is very painful, and it’s common for older children and pre-teens to react with intense feelings. Read More »

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Top Reasons to Choose Cremation Jewelry

The rise in cremations over the past several years has left many families wondering how best to memorialize the passing of their loved ones. While funeral urns have long been the primary choice in such cases, recently more families are turning to cremation jewelry to memorialize their departed loved ones. Why choose cremation jewelry? Below are the top five reasons to do so. Read More »

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Helping Keep Mom Close

Recently the Wyndham family of San Jose, California lost their 86 year-old mother. The three daughters all knew that their mom wanted to be cremated, but they could not agree on what to do with her ashes. Margaret Wyndham had raised her three daughters by herself after their father was killed in a traffic accident. The four of them remained extremely close. Read More »

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Heirloom Jewelry

Among one of many difficult decisions when a loved one dies is how to suitably honor the deceased and care for their remains. The idea of cremation is increasingly popular with more and more people. While memorial urns have been a popular choice for generations, today many families are opting for cremation jewelry. The ashes can be carried in the jewelry and worn by a loved one, or simply displayed in an elegant mount. One nice feature of cremation jewelry is the ability to customize the piece with engravings and sometimes a picture. Read More »

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An Ash Pendant Helped Me Grieve

When I was growing up, I was very close to my father. I was his only daughter, and we had a bond that I’ve never had with anyone else. Even after I grew up and had a family of my own, we remained very close, so when my mother let me know that he had lung cancer and the prognosis was very poor, it was like my world fell in around me. Read More »

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How to Find Information about Cremation Jewelry

Different people have different ways of dealing with dead bodies depending on their cultures and beliefs. Cremation is just one of these methods that are preferred by many people. This is because it is not only easy, but also; it does not require a lot of space. However, it is important for one to find information on cremation jewelry. Read More »

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