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Celebration of Life Month

Tweet January is Celebration of Life Month. It is a month of new beginnings. For many individuals it is a time of rebirth and renewal .The Celebration of Life is about seeking out the positive of the New Year and to eliminate the underlying sense of despair that may have clouded the previous year. This […]
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Beautiful Stuff For An Even More Beautiful Cause!

Tweet The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calls For A Sale! With only two days left for the breast cancer awareness month to start, Perfect Memorials is all set to celebrate the entire month. The month of October marks the beginning of the breast cancer awareness and it extends until October 31st. You must know that a pink […]
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The Catwalk Comes Alive With Pets

Tweet Abandoned and homeless pets are in large number in the world that there are plenty of great pets up for adoption that would make great family pets the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) joined up with Maurices for a fashion show.
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Memorial Jewelry: A True Manifestation of Your Feelings for a Deceased Loved One

Tweet Often, people look for unique ways to retain the memory of a deceased loved one. No doubt, there is always a strong yearning to hold the memory of a deceased loved one close to your heart. In this regard, memorial jewelry has recently gained popularity. Once considered to be a queer innovation, memorial jewelry […]
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Tribute to A Loved One from the Core of Your Heart

Tweet The fondness for cremation jewelry has inspired imaginative designers to create new and more beautiful designs in various forms. You can opt for urn pendants that can be worn close to the heart or displayed, cremation urn bracelets, a cremation ring or a necklace that beautifies your neck. However, if you want to have […]
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A Priceless Memoir That Can Be Retained To Eternity

Tweet Majority of people do not consider the need for a remembrance unless they themselves encounter the unfortunate demise of a loved one. When we actually face such an incident, we are not left with a choice but to mourn the unhappy incident. While our feelings seem to overcome emotional stability, we long for comfort […]
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How a Keepsake Makes a Deceased Loved One Live Forever

Tweet Often, the death of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. The more we try to overcome the situation, the more is the emotional distress faced by us. At times, people work really hard to find out ways that help them move ahead. Despite this, you would not want to part with the memories […]
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Urn Jewelry: An Eternal Remembrance

Tweet The death of a loved one often leaves us grief-stricken. Emotionally distressed and bereaved, we long to come out of this situation. Moreover, our pain is exacerbated when we are forced to accept the fact that the person is no longer a part of your life. We often take a long time to get […]
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Keeping Those Special Memories Close to Your Heart

Tweet Many people look for unique ways to retain the memory of deceased loved one. There is often a strong desire to hold the departed soul close to your heart. When life seems to be a burden, memorial jewelry helps you overcome the pain caused due to the death of a loved one. Memorial jewelry […]
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Glass Cremation Jewelry: An Unconventional Keepsake

Tweet Cremation jewelry allows the grief-stricken family members or friends to hold an everlasting keepsake of their loved one. In those difficult moments when everything seems dismal, such keepsakes become the zone of comfort. Moreover, these pieces of jewelry allow you to preserve a portion of the cremated remains of a loved one. This enables […]
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