Heirloom Jewelry

Among one of many difficult decisions when a loved one dies is how to suitably honor the deceased and care for their remains. The idea of cremation is increasingly popular with more and more people. While memorial urns have been a popular choice for generations, today many families are opting for cremation jewelry. The ashes can be carried in the jewelry and worn by a loved one, or simply displayed in an elegant mount. One nice feature of cremation jewelry is the ability to customize the piece with engravings and sometimes a picture.

When a loved one passes often they also leave personal affects, like rings or necklaces behind for close friends and family members. With cremation jewelry, the loved ones of the deceased can combine the heirloom jewelry with cremation jewelry. A cremation locket can be placed on an heirloom chain. A particularly beloved pendant could be placed on a chain with cremation jewelry. A ring that has been passed down can also enhance almost any piece of cremation jewelry.

When seeking to create a new piece of memorial jewelry from a piece of cremation jewelry and a piece of heirloom jewelry, a professional jewel may be a great help. Jewelers may be able to remove precious stones from their old settings and place them in a new setting that will complement the cremation jewelry. A jeweler may also be able to mount a stone directly on the cremation jewelry.

The death of a loved one is going to be painful. Creating a new piece of jewelry with the precious remains of a loved one along with a treasured piece of their jewelry can allow loved ones to feel the essence of the dearly departed is always with them. The creation of something beautiful out of tragedy is the best memorial the living can give.

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