Is Cremation Jewelry Becoming Trendy

Cremation jewelry has been around since the early 1500’s. many people used to wear braided pieces of hair of their loved ones to help protect them from disease and death. Later on, in more recent centuries, people used to carry little vials of ash from a cremated loved one so that they could keep them close. Today, you can purchase cremation jewelry pendants to keep bits of ashes, hair, a small piece of clothing or other personal item inside so that you can carry them with you at all times. Many people used to think that this was a macabre practice but lately, more and more jewelry companies and designers are creating their own lines of cremation jewelry pendants. With death being an inevitable end for us all, it is something that is widely talked about, sometimes even planned and now you can even wear it.

Many people say that cremation jewelry is being trendy because of the popular Emo wave in which people dress in black, are very emotional and think and speak of death often. Others state that wearing these cremation pendants is a way of showing their love for a deceased loved one, however, with the many designs that are available on the market today, unless you tell people that it is a cremation pendant, they will never know. The most likely opinion is that of the fact that death is inevitable, therefore, you should cherish the ones that you have lost when you can and if that means wearing them around your neck, that that is what people will do. It may be a trendy thing for some, but for others it is about respect and love. With more cremation jewelry pendants being sold each day, it is a very personal thing for many, where others just wear it because they choose to.

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