Pet Ash Jewelry

Pet cremation jewelry a sentiment of love

Sterling silver pet cremation jewelry shown with a paw print

With the introduction of increased mobility and freedom to move around the world we have in effect distanced ourselves from our immediate families. Often times people cope with this reality by increasing their bond with animals such as dogs and cats. In the United States 62% of households own a pet as revealed by a study in 2008 by APPA (American Pet Products Association). This is up from 56% when the poll was first conducted in 1988. The increased intensity in the bond between person and pet has made it more difficult as we experience the reality of a pet dying.

Unique Pet Memorials

Rotating memories pet cremation urn - a unique memorial to honor a special friend

To cope with the loss of a pet many have turned to unique memorials such as pet cremation jewelry. This jewelry offers the ability to hold a small portion of cremated remains inside of a necklace pendant.

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  1. doreen paris
    Posted September 25, 2010 at 1:12 am | Permalink

    lost my creamsicle colored tabby about one month ago.. I’m heartbroken. He was 12 years old and a sweet and gentle boy. The other three kittys in our household. Every kitty loved him, he was so gentle. He stopped eating and drinking anything and it took me a couple of weeks to convince him something was wrong and since he was home, I was hoing he would bring him. Big Boy’s appointment was at 9:15 AM on a Wednesday. The last time my husband saw him was 7:15 AM that morning by the morning newspaper tube (I was at work). It’s been almost a month and we can’t find him. I’ve looked everywhere. I am still going to create a memorial in our backyard alongside our other passed-on kittys. I have nothing but his cathair left in his hairbrush. I am going to bury a swatch of his hair under his memorial since it’s all I have left. But I also want to find a beautiful austrian crystal vessel necklace to put some of his hair in as a memorial to my beautiful boy. I’m having trouble finding exactly that. I want something from him close to me forever. Does anyone know of a site I can find an austrian crystal vessel necklace (not for ashes, but hair)? Please respond if you can tell me where to look. I’m looking for beautiful austrian crystal, but I’ll take swarovski or no-name crystal. I would like to tell anyone who has lost a very good animal friend lately to stay strong and remember the great memories. I miss him so much. He was like our puppy-dog!!

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