Pet Jewelry Urns

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. It is a tragic experience that every pet owner will face at some point. Nevertheless, caring for the remains of your beloved pet is an important decision to consider. Burying a pet is an option for some families but this is often expensive and beyond the reach of most pet owners. A more common and cost effective measure is cremation. Not only does a veterinarian offer cremation services but it is very inexpensive when compared to burial.

A veterinarian is the first source to consult after a pet has passed away. Vets can take care of your pet’s remains. However, once your former pet has been cremated the real question is what to do with the ashes. The usual means of disposal revolves around a pet urn. A pet urn or pet urn jewelry can be made out of a myriad of materials, ranging from classic ceramic and earthenware cremation urns to more contemporary metal and glass containers.

These options are traditional but can lack a more personal touch. Another choice for a cremation vessel is investing in a piece of jewelry that can hold the remains of your recently deceased pet. These items of remembrance can be highly individualistic and cater to your needs. Cremation pet jewelry comes in an even wider variety than standard cremation urns and can be custom made based on your specifications.

Metal pet jewelry urns are the most common. These mementos can either be precious metals, such as gold, silver or platinum, or can be less expensive and more common metals like steel or aluminum. These vessels are hollow and allow for you to place a portion of your pet’s remains inside of the container. You can then ware the item of jewelry like any other piece of fashion.

However, there will be infinitely more meaning behind this piece of jewelry than most other pieces. Cremation jewelry allows you to keep your pet close to you even after he or she has passed on. Beyond metal options, there are wooden jewelry pieces available that can be more homey and ornate than metal jewelry items. Glass and crystal vessels are also available and come in a number of shapes and colors. When finding a way to remember your pet, consider cremation jewelry as a viable means. Not only will this allow you to keep your pet’s remains close to your heart but also will be a personalized way of honoring your fallen four legged friend.

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