The Beauty of Cremation Jewelry

Sometimes the best way to remember someone is to keep them close to your heart…sometimes literally. Buying cremation jewelry is a safe, sanitary way to keep the ashes of your loved one near you. It’s more personal than having an urn on your mantelpiece, and it’s less disturbing to houseguests.

If you want a cremation but are uncomfortable with it, then think about that person’s body as a shell of who they were. Then, when you have those ashes, you have something a little closer to their form. More ethereal and less substantial. Cremation jewelry is one way to work through the grief of losing a loved one. It comes in many forms, including as a cremation pendant.

If you just can’t bear to put your loved one into the ground, then consider buying a cremation pendant. Most will not know what it is, but it will be a way that you can comfort yourself by carrying a little piece of your loved one around with you. It’s not anything to be embarrassed about, and it’s a natural, healthy way to work through loss and grief.

Cremation jewelry honors the person who was lost and is a way to keep them in your mind at all times. When you experience loss, you never want to forget that person, and buying a cremation pendant is an excellent way to remember him or her. Don’t let the social stigma behind it scare you away. The symbolism of carrying someone around near your heart is beautiful.

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