The History of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry has been around for centuries. One of the most common time periods that you will hear of people wearing cremation jewelry is during the plague. It was said that if you wore a pendant with something of the deceased like hair, fingernails or even their ashes that it would help protect them from the plague that swept through Europe and nearly killed everyone.

I t was said that wearing something of the deceased’s would help find off the evil spirits until their ashes were laid to rest. One of the most popular ways during this time to wear your loved ones memory was to wear a bracelet made out of their loved ones hair sprinkled with their ashes. This way the wearer was protected from the plague.

Now in modern times this practice is still done, the only difference is that we are loved close to hearts to remember them by, not to help ward off evil or protect us from getting sick. Today you will find people wearing pendants that are like miniature vials that are filled with hair, cloth, ashes, or fingernails. Anything that was personal to the deceased. Some may think that this is a morbid thing to do, but sometimes we forget that this was at one time a very common thing to do. After all this time it is becoming to gain back its popularity. Most people understand why people are making cremation jewelry and pieces of their departed loved ones.

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