A Key Chain that Locks the Memories of a Loved One

Cremation jewelry allows you to express your feelings for a deceased loved one. There may be a plethora of ways to remember a loved one. However, cremation jewelry allows you to preserve the belongings of a person for a life time. No doubt, it serves as the most suitable alternative for people who do not wish to part with the ashes of their loved ones. A simple piece of jewelry allows you maintain physical connection with a deceased loved one whose memoir becomes more special after it is worn.

Keepsake pendants and memorial jewelry do not have a particular rhythm or rhyme. These pieces of jewelry are available in different sizes, shapes, finishes and metals. Moreover, an extraordinary range of ash necklaces and urn pendants could be tailored to articulate the true spirit of your loved one.

The desire of people to preserve the remains of a decease loved one became the source of inspiration for creative minds. Gradually, imaginative designers started creating beautiful designs in different forms. While a cremation ring adorns your finger, an urn bracelet adds to the beauty of your hand. Likewise, a beautiful cremation key chain can be created by attaching an ash pendant to a key chain. As both the pieces are purchased separately, your range of choices is not limited.

You can select from a variety of pendants. If you want to keep it simple, opt for memorial jewelry cylinders of metal, stone or wood that can be attached to a cremation jewelry key chain. These wonderful urn pendants feature an attractive, screw-on pewter top that easily slides over the key chain. Moreover, the pewter top is available in an extensive assortment of designs ranging from paw prints and Celtic knots to flowers and hearts. A glass keepsake pendant in green, clear glass, amber or cobalt blue is yet another lovely alternative for a cremation urn key chain. Similarly, you can also decide the content of your urn pendant. It could be a lock of your loved one’s hair or a part of the cremated remains. You can also fill the pendant with grains of earth from the funeral site, crushed flowers or any other thing.

Unlike a necklace or a ring that is noticed by one and all, a cremation jewelry key chain is more discreet. Therefore any one would not be able to make out the content of your keychain, unless you reveal the secret yourself. Moreover, the designs of ash pendants could be engraved with the name of your loved one, a personal inscription or any other mark for remembrance.

When you carry the keepsake in your pocket, it becomes a personal touchstone, a memento that ensures the eternal presence of your loved one. Just hold the cremation keepsake in your hand whenever you feel lonely or sad and feel the presence of the departed soul which is always there with you.

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