Caring for Cremation Jewelry

With a little tender, loving care, cremation jewelry will stand the test of time as a family heirloom. Simply employ a few proven techniques to keep your cremation jewelry looking like new and protect its beauty for years to come. We offer these basic instructions to assist you in the daily care and cleaning of your cremation jewelry. If you run into problems or have questions beyond the scope of this article, we recommend that you take your concerns to a local jeweler who can offer expert advice.

Wearing Your Cremation Jewelry

Always remove your cremation jewelry before you bathe or shower, as soap can create a film that will dull the finish and attract dust and dirt, and although the seal on your cremation jewelry should hold up to minimal contact with water, prolonged contact with water or submersion could damage the seal and disturb the keepsake inside. Also, take care to remove your ash pendant before performing heavy physical labor or strenuous exercise, and avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and harsh chemicals.

Apply hairspray, lotions, or makeup BEFORE you put on your cremation jewelry. Then, when you remove your urn pendant from its protective case, inspect it carefully, looking for problem areas such as weak links in the chain or scratches. If you notice a problem, take your memorial jewelry to a trusted local jeweler for repair.

Storing Your Cremation Jewelry

When you’re not wearing your cremation jewelry, you can keep out dirt and prevent damage by keeping each keepsake pendant in its own protective case, avoiding contact with other jewelry pieces. You can use the case that came with your cremation or any other jewelry bag or case with a soft lining.

How to Clean Your Cremation Jewelry

To maintain your cremation jewelry’s lustrous finish, be sure to clean your ash pendant after each wearing. Carefully remove your cremation necklace and inspect it under good lighting. Look for loose gem stones, pitting or discoloration of metal, and scratches on stones, metal, or other materials. If you see any problems, have your cremation jewelry inspected (and repaired, if necessary) by a reputable jeweler.

When you’re ready to proceed with cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth or a special jeweler’s cloth to wipe any dirt from the surface of your memorial jewelry. (ALWAYS use a clean cloth, and NEVER use paper towels or facial tissue.) A local jeweler may be able to recommend a commercial jewelry cleaner if necessary, but never use bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean your cremation jewelry. Also talk to your jeweler before attempting to clean any gem stones, as they require special care.

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