Cherish a Beloved Pet Forever

There will be no words, no song or any eulogy that can capture the essence of a beloved pet that had been so steadfast and loyal to me for more than 12 years. Now there will not be any need to fill a water bowl or prepare a dinner or taking evening walks together. There’s no more baths, no coat to untangle or cut … I miss you Missy!

Missy was my 12 years old Cocker Spaniel who had shared my bed even since she came into my life on my 12th birthday. She had been there at my happiest moments and she kept me afloat at the saddest downtrodden period of my life. I don’t think anybody can feel the same grief and the pain of the loss that I’m feeling.

As her lifeless body lay on the examining table, the vet enquired what to do with her remains. It shocked me to tears. It had never crossed my mind that I’d have to decide on what to do with her remains one day. The vet gave me a bunch of suggestions from pet cemetery to cremation and scattering her ashes at sea. What the heck! Missy’s no lover of the sea. How I’d wronged her to scatter her ashes at sea. No way as I shook my head incessantly.

She has been a big part of my growing up and she’s just as special as any of my family members. I wanted her to remain close to home. I jumped at the idea of pet urns. I am so grateful to whoever that came up with this wonderful idea. Pet urns are the best solution for anyone wanting to keep the loving memories and the presence of their beloved pet at home, just like I do. The funeral home had quite a range of urns but opted to find my own urn. It was like heaven sent when I found a beautiful antique vase that carried a cocker spaniel motif.

Now the antique vase has been turned into one of those pet urns and I am very sure Missy is happily residing inside, smiling at me from above the fireplace where I had placed her.

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