Cremation Jewelry: Elegance at an Affordable Price

As we look for ways to save on the high cost of funeral good and services, cremation is gaining favor as a less expensive alternative to traditional burial. For those who choose cremation, cremation jewelry offers an elegant and affordable way to preserve a loved one’s memory forever.

Cremation Jewelry is Affordable

Cremation eliminates many costs, from expensive caskets to burial plots, while cremation urns to hold a loved one’s ashes are available in a range of prices to fit any budget. Many families, however, find that a single cremation urn doesn’t meet the needs of individual family members who wish to keep a cremation keepsake of their loved one close at heart. More and more of these families are turning to cremation jewelry as an affordable solution.

Cremation Jewelry Offers a Family Solution

Cremation jewelry is a smart option for people who wish to create personal, dignified and elegant memorial to a loved one. And cremation jewelry is extremely affordable, allowing multiple family members or friends to share their loved one’s ashes in an urn pendant of their own. Urn pendants fashioned in simple designs and made from natural materials put cremation jewelry at anyone’s reach, with prices starting at less than $50. What’s more, families can cut costs even more by purchasing their ash pendants in an economical set of two to fifty cremation necklaces for substantial savings.

Fine Cremation Jewelry

But what if cost is no object? What if you prefer fine cremation jewelry made from precious metals and encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, or other gem stones? Here’s the best news: it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for luxury or affordability – you will find many, many styles of memorial jewelry to choose from, all within your price range.

Cremation Jewelry’s True Value

Cremation jewelry’s value, you see, is determined by more than cost. Of course, the materials used to create cremation jewelry have a direct bearing on the price, with polished wood, glass, and polyester resin pendants and stainless steel chains offering some of the most affordable alternatives. But the true value of cremation jewelry lies in the cremation keepsake it holds inside – a bit of a loved one’s ashes or crushed, dried flower petals, for example – creating a family heirloom to be treasured for generations.

Finally, cremation jewelry offers flexibility. When family members disagree or can’t decide on what to do with a loved one’s ashes, cremation jewelry is an excellent choice. Because it takes only a tiny amount of cremated remains to fill a keepsake pendant, the family can still display a traditional cremation urn or scatter most of a loved one’s ashes while retaining a small portion to fill one or more cremation pendants.

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