Cremation Jewelry for Pets

The death of a pet is a tragic loss, as anyone who has lost a pet knows. Today’s pet owners have a very special way to preserve their memories of their companion animals – cremation jewelry especially designed to honor pets. Cremation jewelry for pets brings comfort to humans and allows them to maintain a connection to the precious animals that gave them so much joy.

If you’ve never known the love of a special pet, you might find the thought of pet cremation jewelry to be a bit strange, but we all know people who view their pets as part of the family. In fact, for people who live alone, a pet may actually be the only family they have. Anyone who has bonded with their pet in this manner understands, and for them, cremation jewelry can be a source of healing.

Ash Pendants for Animals

Cremation jewelry for pets, like cremation jewelry for humans, is actually a tiny cremation urn designed to hold a small portion of ashes from a pet’s cremation. The urn pendant be worn under clothing as a discreet cremation necklace, over clothing as an attractive accessory, or attached to a keychain or bracelet. If you prefer, you can place pet cremation jewelry under a glass dome or in an attractive presentation case, then display it under soft lighting in a place of honor as a beautiful memorial to your pet.

Pet cremation jewelry is really no different from cremation jewelry for humans, and any style of cremation jewelry is really suitable for pets. Some people prefer a cremation keepsake especially designed for pets, like a miniature dog house or a cat or dog figure, or a cremation urn locket that holds a photo of the pet; others prefer a simple cylinder urn pendant. Then there are memorial keepsakes that aren’t urn pendants at all; rather, these keepsake pendants feature a replica of a pet’s paw print or nose print, or an engraved photo of the pet.

Although some people just don’t understand, the grief of losing a pet can be incredibly painful. Yet a grief-stricken pet owner may get little support or sympathy from those who don’t understand the bond that can grow between humans and their animals. Pet cremation jewelry helps to validate the pet owner’s feelings and also serves as an elegant way to preserve and protect precious memories of happier times.

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