Cremation Jewelry Today

Jewelry shown filled with dried flowers, lock of hair, burial soil and cremains

Since coming into popular use in the late 1990s, cremation jewelry has been embraced by people seeking new and meaningful ways to store cremated remains and memorialize deceased loved ones. Although virtually unheard of 15 years ago, cremation jewelry’s popularity has grown along with the increasing acceptance of cremation, while its origins can be traced to mourning customs of centuries past.

From simple, cylindrical ash pendants to elegant memorial jewelry encrusted with gems, this special jewelry comes in an almost limitless array of styles. The single characteristic that distinguishes cremation jewelry from other forms of jewelry is typically a hollow chamber designed to hold a tiny portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair, dried funeral flowers, or a bit of earth from the burial site. Once filled, the chamber is tightly sealed to secure the contents.

Pink blown glass jewelry infused with ashes

A recent trend of mixing ashes into blown glass has also become popular. Ashes are suspended into glass while being blown in order to create this unique memorial. Each piece is hand-created and infused with a color chosen by each customer.

Jewelry modeled after a shotgun shell with engraving

Cremation pendants may include a locket to hold a photograph, and many pieces can be engraved with personal information such as the name of the deceased and the date of death. Although cremation jewelry is stylish enough to be worn like any fashionable accessory, some prefer to wear a memorial pendant discreetly. Encased in a glass dome, cremation jewelry may also be prominently displayed in a place of honor in the home.

Helping the healing with cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry locket shown with photo

After a loved one dies, tangible reminders such as photographs and personal artifacts help to comfort survivors and keep memories alive. For bereaved friends and family members, cremation jewelry is a powerful touchstone – a lasting physical connection to the loved one who will live forever in their hearts.

As a practical alternative to scattering ashes or storing them in a traditional cremation urn, memorial jewelry allows multiple family members to keep a loved one close at heart. Rather than gathering dust on a shelf or being packed away in a closet the jewelry serves as an ongoing symbol of love and respect for the deceased.

Jewelry to last a lifetime

This unique jewelry is much more then a status symbol or a statement of wealth. Cremation jewelry is a very personal reminder of the connection we have with the ones we love. Holding this jewelry close by at all times is often a way to help deal with the grief and sorrow when a loved one passes. The jewelry does not always need to be worn. It is also very common to keep the jewelry on a keychain or inside of something such as a glass dome.

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  1. Anita Layton
    Posted July 16, 2011 at 2:20 am | Permalink

    My 11 year old daughter has lost her grandfather and wants to keep her grandfather close to her. She gave me this website to look at some inexpensive pendants for her to keep some of his ashes in. Could you please help me? I have some ashes for my daughter but I want something more permanent for her to have besides a glass jar the size of a medicine bottle. I am looking to spend around 20 dollars. I am a single mom and working and trying to go back to school myself. Please help.

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