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Filling and Sealing of Cremation Jewelry (Instructions provided by Perfect Memorials)
Filling and sealing of cremation jewelry

Using the proper tools and procedure, filling and sealing cremation jewelry is an easy task. To begin, choose a flat surface to work on, and cover the area with a clean, thin, colored cloth.

Next, note how the chamber opens to accept the cremains. Ensure the closure opens and closes smoothly. If the piece has a threaded screw this can be achieved by un-threading then re-threading the screw into the piece. Since the threads on cremation jewelry are typically very small be extra careful to be “gentle”. Screws should easily open and close without significant force. Most memorial jewelry opens in one of the following ways:

Threaded Bale Opening

The bale is the eyelet or loop through which the necklace or chain is threaded. Many types of cremation jewelry disguise the opening to the chamber with a threaded bale that can be opened simply by twisting it with your thumb and forefinger.

Threaded screw opening

If your cremation jewelry does not have a bale, it probably opens via a threaded screw. The screw is typically located at the back or the bottom of the piece so it doesn’t interfere with the design of the jewelry.

The Right Tools for the Job


In addition to the cremains a small funnel can be used to assist filling. If you do not have a funnel, one can be made simply by rolling a cone shape with a small piece of paper. The paper cone method is simple and offers the most flexibility as you can adjust the smalll end of the cone to the opening size in the cremation jewelry.


If the jewelry has a threaded screw opening a small screwdriver will be needed. Take special notice to make sure the screwdriver head fits appropriately. A screwdriver with a head too small will twist and damage the screw. A screwdriver too big can potentially scratch the cremation jewelry and/or damage the screw.

Adhesive / Glue

An adhesive such as cyanoacrylate (commonly sold under names such as Super Glue or Krazy Glue) can be used.

Other helpful tools

A straightened paper clip, toothpick or pin can also be helpful in guiding the ashes through the funnel into the cremation jewelry. A jewelers vice or similar can be used as a “third hand”. Be sure to protect the jewelry by first putting a piece of cloth around it. Hold the cremation jewelry with the vice so your hands are free to fill and seal the jewelry.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Fill Cremation Jewelry

With everything you need at hand, follow these four steps to fill your ash pendant or cremation keepsake.

  1. Open the cremation jewelry chamber gently to avoid damaging the threads.
  2. Using a funnel as described above, insert a portion of ashes into the chamber. If necessary, coax the ashes through the funnel and into the chamber with the paper clip or toothpick. Ensure the ashes are below the threads so there is no interference. Test to make sure the pendant can close by screwing the pendant shut without glue. This will ensure when glue is applied there will be no problems.
  3. For optimum security, permanently seal the opening with Super Glue, epoxy or another clear, non-water soluble adhesive. Simply apply a tiny drop of the adhesive to the inside threads of the opening.

    Important Note: Only a very small amount of glue is needed. Because glues such as Super Glue are thin and can run easily, we recommend first applying a tiny amount of glue to a toothpick. This will give you better control when you apply the glue to the threads. Remember, you only need a small amount of glue. A very small drop of glue applied via a toothpick should be sufficient.

  4. Quickly replace the threaded bale or screw and close tightly, again taking care to avoid damaging the threads.

Filling and sealing cremation jewelry is almost always a trouble-free procedure, but keep in mind that if you run into difficulty – or if you’re just uncomfortable with the idea of placing the ashes into the cremation jewelry yourself – you can call a local funeral director or jeweler for assistance. Most will be happy to fill your memorial jewelry for you.

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