Cremation Memorial Jewelry

Cremation Keepsake Jewelry Keeps Your Loved One Close To You

The loss of a loved one is difficult and most people have dealt with death at some point in their lives. In the past, you had two choices, burial or cremation. For a time, burial was quite popular with the new embalming procedures, but cremation has now become a preferred way in which people choose for themselves while they are still living. Family members often struggle to deal with the loss, and many companies are producing cremation keepsake jewelry as a way to help people better cope with their loss. The keepsake jewelry is made into a beautiful piece that has a small hollow part were some of the ashes can be placed and then securely closed in, typically with a screw. It is a way to keep part of the loved one with the grieving person forever and has been shown to help deal with the loss better than traditional burials.

Today, many people decide while they are living not only to be cremated, but also to have cremation jewelry keepsakes made for their family members. Of course, the materials used varies and generally are a personal choice. However, they are made of gold, sterling silver, or a combination of sterling and gold combined. The pendants can be shaped as hearts and small cylinders with a window to show the contents, plus many other shapes and designs.

The cremation keepsake pendants are secure, meaning the contents are not going to spill out if you choose to wear the necklace daily. You have a choice of a threaded bale opening, that offers a deeper thread, a threaded screw that is the actual opening, or you can have the opening sealed completely with glue so that you will not be able to open it. If you decide to purchase the cremation keepsake jewelry after you have had your loved one cremated, you can fill the jewelry yourself, by using a small funnel, and keep in mind, only a small amount of ashes will fit inside the pendant depending how large it is.

The cremation jewelry keepsakes have become very popular because it helps grieving families deal with their loss and honor their loved one’s memory. The cost of such pendants varies by the materials used and the size of the jewelry. For instance, if you buy a gold pendant it will definitely cost more than sterling silver, but there is something for every budget. Regardless of your budget, everyone deserves the chance to grieve properly for the person they lost. Moreover, many people have found that a cremation keepsake offers them comfort beyond anything they have ever known when losing someone close to them.

Finally, preparing ahead of time for your own passing is one of the best ways to let your loved ones know what your wishes are, and it causes less stress when you have passed away. Therefore, if you want to be cremated and have your ashes placed in keepsakes, you need to get this in writing, such as a living will and a will so that there is no confusion on the family’s part upon your death.

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