Engraved Urns

Engraved urns can be a gentle memorial suitable for display or a centerpiece of your devotion to a loved one who has died. Cremation urns for people are a common means to provide a lasting home for a departed partner or parent’s remains, turning what can be often a plain item into an object that can be tastefully displayed along with other reminders of their lives. It can be tricky finding the right balance of course between having engraved urns as a focus for your memories or their being an overwhelming presence in the room.

Recognizing that this choice usually comes at the most draining and emotionally devastating time of your life, the vast majority of funeral homes who provide cremation urns for people will take every effort in a sympathetic manner to make your decisions as stress-free as possible. The ashes will usually be delivered in an undecorated or even translucent container which can be an addition source of disturbance if you are not expecting this, which is why many funeral homes will offer to receive the remains for you and transfer them into one of the range of cremation urns for people that they will be able to supply for you.

Engraved urn scan of course be seen as a rather depressing item to keep around the house, but a properly made and tastefully decorated urn can be a thing of beauty and suitable for modest display somewhere where they can be close at hand as you work through your grieving process. Depending on the type and amount of decoration they can easily pass for works of art as well as powerful reminders of those we have lost.

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