Ensure the Eternal Presence of your Loved ones with Cremation Diamonds

While thinking about cremation jewelry we imagine several things in our mind. However, we generally think about an urn pendant that features an urn chamber designed to hold a small amount of ashes from the cremated remains of a loved one, crushed and dried flowers or a lock of your loved ones hair. However, there is another type of memorial jewelry that does not feature a hollow inner chamber. This is because the jewelry is not designed to hold cremation keepsakes. As an alternative, this kind of jewelry is made from cremated remains or the hair of a loved one. It results in a sparkling diamond which is identical to the diamonds found in your luxury jewelry stores.

Generally, cremated diamonds are created through a process that is similar to the creation of natural diamonds. The only difference is that the process utilized for creation of cremation diamonds takes very less time, usually between six to nine months. The cremation diamonds used for creating memorial jewelry are made from carbon, the basic element present in human body. After cremation, carbon is released from the body of an individual. Next, the carbon is collected and heated for producing graphite. Inside a laboratory, the graphite is used for making diamonds in a variety of colors. Later, these diamonds are used to create memorial jewelry.

Cremation diamonds attract your attention for a number of reasons. Similar to natural diamonds, the cremation diamonds are available in various sizes ranging from a fraction to carat to one carat and more. A lot of stones can be made from the remains of one body. A few ounces of ash or hair would yield enough cremation diamonds. Therefore, every member of the family can have a separate cremation keepsake.

Just like natural diamonds, these cremation diamonds are based on size and quality. Every cremation diamond is a unique creation in itself. Identical to any other natural diamond, it is complete, flawless and a gem of its own kind.

Every individual is exposed to various conditions during the lifetime. These conditions are unique to each one of us. Ranging from the kind of food we eat to the environment we live in and work, everything varies from one individual to the other. Moreover, the physical makeup of every human body is determined by such conditions. Therefore, the quality and color of diamonds made from each body is different.

So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind memorial for your deceased loved one, consider these cremation diamond. These brilliant cremation diamonds would last forever. It can also be kept as a treasured heirloom that is passed to the next generation.

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