Discount Cremation Jewelry

It is Possible even in Your Grief to Find Discount Cremation Jewelry

When you have a family member that passes away, it is very tragic and of course, you want a way to offer a memorial to them even if you do not have a lot of money. Many people choose cremation for many reasons, whether it be for religious purposes, a personal choice, it is less expensive than embalming, or because you wish to keep your loved one’s ashes with you. The fact is, cremation has become very popular and today, jewelry in many shapes has also become a way to have part of your loved one near you and pass on to other member of the family. The jewelry has a small opening where some of the ashes can be placed and then securely closed so that they do not fall out. Even in your grief, you can find discount cremation jewelry, in fact, there is jewelry available for every budget.

Just because you may have less money to spend when it comes to honoring your family member, you can find discounted jewelry that is gorgeous. Cheap cremation Jewelry does not have to “look” cheap, in fact, many of the sterling silver, which is less expensive than gold is stunning. You can buy the jewelry in many different shapes including crosses, cherubs, angles, cylinders, and hearts. Cremation jewelry is quite new and something that has become very popular because while many people have religious beliefs that there is an afterlife, no one has gone to the afterlife and come back many years later to let the living know what it is like. Therefore, death for the living is a mystery, and therefore, honoring the memory of a loved on is the best way in which most people can deal with the loss.

If you loved one has the wish to be cremated, it is best to get this in writing such as a living will or a will, depending on what state you live in one may trump over the other upon death. That way once the person has died, there is zero confusion in the family as to what the last wishes were. Often, families in their grieving process end up fighting among each other over what they believed the person wanted. You can avoid this by having a will drawn up and even buy your own cremation service while living, so that way it is set in stone, so-to-speak.

Finally, one of the ways to find the best discount cremation jewelry is by checking online, because you will find better prices than if you went to a local store to purchase the cremation jewelry. Moreover, you can have several pieces of cremation jewelry made and given to several family members and then spread the ashes in a special place either that your loved one indicated or an area where you knew they would have liked their final resting place to be. The jewelry will last a lifetime and then some, which is why family members pass these pieces on to other members of the family.


  1. Aimee
    Posted June 23, 2011 at 9:04 am | Permalink

    Wow.. I have never went onto a site like this one.. I have recently been mulling over the idea of being creamated. Mainly because it is cheaper. I dont want to be a burden on my family and friends..

    I do not believe in funerals. I believe when someone passes, their body is just an outworn or damaged vessel. A mere shell that once held a being. Once that vessel “Stops working” so to speak, the being is no longer there. They have gone to their own personal paradise.

    I think that jewelry such as this, is amazing. And an amazing way to pay tribute to someone. It is a beautiful way of telling the ones you loved the most, that you are always there with them. I think it will bring a sense of closure. A sense of peace.

    I absolutely recommend this for those who are considering Creamation.

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  3. admin
    Posted November 14, 2015 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    Hi Claire, Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not know of any sterling silver cylinder shaped pendant with stone options available. The only item that is similar to what you may be looking for is the Leading Light Pillar pendants. Although they are not sterling silver, stainless steel is very durable and will never tarnish. If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know!

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