Glass Cremation Jewelry: An Unconventional Keepsake

Cremation jewelry allows the grief-stricken family members or friends to hold an everlasting keepsake of their loved one. In those difficult moments when everything seems dismal, such keepsakes become the zone of comfort. Moreover, these pieces of jewelry allow you to preserve a portion of the cremated remains of a loved one. This enables you to forge an eternal bond with the departed soul.

The availability of cremation jewelry in an extensive range of designs, shapes and metals helps every individual to choose the perfect commemorative. Majority of these pieces of jewelry feature a tiny compartment that serves as a repository for small quantity of cremated remains. It allows every member of the family to keep the ashes as a memorial of the deceased loved one.

Though cremation jewelry is available in expensive metals like silver and gold, you can also opt for economical alternatives like glass. The glass jewelry for ashes is a kind of art jewelry that provides a perfect cremation keepsake. Different colors of glass like cobalt blue, green, clear and brown are utilized for making urn pendants.

Cremation jewelry is available in different forms like the cremation necklace, ring, bracelet or a keychain. You can select a suitable piece of jewelry according to your preference. Majority of these pieces feature a glass ash pendant. The pendant could be filled with the cremated remains of a loved one or any other memento like the lock of hair or earth from the funeral site. Crushed flowers inside a pendant add to the beauty of a glass keepsake pendant.

Often, people want to fill the cremation jewelry with the remains of a loved one. However, they also want the piece of jewelry to be discreet and private. Though they desire maintain a physical connection with their loved one’s remains, they also want the contents to remain secret. Such people can opt for colored glass that allows them to disguise the contents. Moreover, the cremation necklaces feature glass cylinders enclosed by gold, stainless steel or silver that also hide the contents to some extent. In addition, some glass cremation pendants are so small that they can be concealed under your clothing.

A simple glass cylinder is a popular style of glass cremation jewelry. The cylinder includes a pewter screw top that features a bale through which the necklace chain can be threaded. The top surface of these urn pendants features images that appeal every individual. These images include butterflies, religious icons, pet animals, peace symbols, Celtic designs and flowers.

Irrespective of the style you prefer or the color you choose, glass cremation jewelry provides an affordable and attractive way to preserve the memoirs of a loved one.

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