Grieve the Loss of Your Beloved Pet with Pet Jewelry Urns

If pet jewelry urns were available in the 18th century, perhaps, the famous poet Thomas Gray would have added line or two to his satiric poem On the Death of a Favorite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes or take the cat out of the tub of golden fishes, cremated it and kept the ashes of the favorite cat in a jewelry urn!

For those who consider pets to be a part of their family, they have greater reason to cheer with the opening of the Greater Victoria Pet Memorial Center. The service is one of its kinds – live web cast for those who cannot attend their pet memorial service. The owner of the Memorial Center, Jocelyne Monette will be offering the web casts. A 7 day service on 24 hours availability, it is the best way to bid your pet farewell. The service also includes grooming and memorial card for the event.

In addition, home service is also on offer. Monette prepares the pet body herself by washing and combing. The live web cast will feature a camera near the memorial area for those eager to watch live feeds. “Pet parents” can visit the memorial venue with their own pet jewelry urns, which are the stylized and classic modification of the traditional urns. These modern day pet urns are available in leather, glass, marble, wood, ceramic, porcelain, and biodegradable materials. In addition, one can also have garden memorials, memorial garden beaches, sympathy gifts, pet baskets, pet figurines, and equine figurine urns.

It has been seen that the wooden pet jewelry urns are the most common in use. One can buy the jewelry urns through internet at convenient costs. If any pet owner is aware that the loved canine is suffering from terminal illnesses and his days are numbered then it is best to purchase the urns well in advance otherwise, you have to settle with the standard pet urns.

Services providers like Monette are doing a good job in helping pet parents cope with the grief and loss of a dead pet. After cremation, one can either bury the urn or keep it with you as a remembrance. You can also turn them into cremation pendants.

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