Helping Keep Mom Close

Recently the Wyndham family of San Jose, California lost their 86 year-old mother. The three daughters all knew that their mom wanted to be cremated, but they could not agree on what to do with her ashes. Margaret Wyndham had raised her three daughters by herself after their father was killed in a traffic accident. The four of them remained extremely close. All four lived in San Jose and they talked to each other everyday. Each Sunday they met for Sunday brunch. They frequently traveled together over to the beach to people watch. Each daughter wanted to have their mom’s ashes in their home so they could keep mom close by.

The three daughters briefly thought about spreading the ashes in the ocean, but couldn’t bear not having mom around to talk to. The funeral director talked to them about cremation jewelry. None of the daughters had ever heard of cremation jewelry before. After studying the options, the daughters each purchased a gold heart shaped locket type jewelry urn with their mother’s name engraved on the front. Each of the daughters had a portion of their mother’s ashes that they can wear next to their hearts.

Cremation jewelry has gained in popularity recently as more people are choosing cremation. Many people find great comfort in having their love one’s remains close to them. As with the Wyndham family, members find that jewelry allows family members to share the ashes of the dearly departed. Cremation jewelry can also make tasteful and customized memorial keepsakes.

Many choose cremation jewelry so they can more fully express the personality of the recently passed loved one. One trend in cremation jewelry is to combine ashes with a diamond to make a necklace that can be worn on any occasion.

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