Holding Lost Loved Ones Close

The loss of a loved one can be an incredible cross to bear. Cherished memories fade over time, and all that is left are personal mementos of the deceased. In the end, they are all just things, and the person who used to cherish those items is no longer around. Their presence diminishes with each passing moment.

Madelyn Jewelry understands this dilemma, having experienced a loss of their own that led to the formation of their Keepsake Pendants. It’s not enough to just try and remember those we have lost. Keepsake Pendants are a constant presence for those wanting to keep the memory of a cherished love one close to their heart. Madelyn Jewelry doesn’t just make simple charms, however. They bring a level of personal memory to each piece by enclosing a portion of the loved one’s remains, dried funeral flowers, or even a lock of hair inside the Keepsake Pendants. These charms can be worn or enclosed in a presentation case for display.

Although pendants are their main staple, Madelyn Jewelry also carries cremation jewelry for men. Their memory wrist watch has a storage capsule on the back of the face that can either be hidden behind engravable stainless steel, or covered in glass for viewing of the personal memento inside. Cremation jewelry for men is gaining in popularity, and items such as bracelets and pendants are being fashioned using titanium and stainless steel to ensure their durability and strength, as well as their rugged appearance. Unique wood has also been used in cremation jewelry for men. With its vivid grain pattern, it is a much warmer material than most metals.

These memorial keepsakes are a great source of comfort and strength, and help in starting the healing process for those left behind.

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