How a Keepsake Makes a Deceased Loved One Live Forever

Often, the death of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. The more we try to overcome the situation, the more is the emotional distress faced by us. At times, people work really hard to find out ways that help them move ahead. Despite this, you would not want to part with the memories of a loved one. This is where cremation urn jewelry offers a useful way of keeping the deceased loved one close to your heart.

The value of a keepsake is much more than the remembrance of your loved one. Not only does it allow you to have a touchable remembrance, but also helps you pay a tribute to the departed soul. You can reach out to the piece of jewelry and hold it close your heart whenever the need arises. Indeed, such a keepsake seems to be a true companion during those sad moments. Whenever you are depressed just clutch these memories of your loved one. Besides this, pieces of cremation urn jewelry make you feel the eternal presence of a loved one long after his/her departure. On the whole, it braces you to face life and move ahead leaving behind the unhappiness brought by the sudden demise of a loved one.

The pieces of cremation urn jewelry feature a compartment that holds a small part of the remains of your loved one. Generally, they come in the form of pendants, lockets, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even cremation diamonds. Often, these wonderful mementos are made of gold, silver, pewter or glass. If you desire, it can be embedded with diamonds or precious gemstones.

The urn pendants are available in a variety of shapes like butterfly, crystal cylinder, boot, dove, military star, frog, golf, cross, heart and rabbit. Some pieces of jewelry are often customized with the name; image and other useful information like important dates etched over its surface.

Similar to ordinary pieces of jewelry worn for fashion, cremation urn jewelry also has its own elegance. However, the difference lies in the presence of an inner compartment that contains the cremated remains of a loved one or small items like crushed and dried flowers, a few strands of hair or earth from the cremation site of a loved one.

No doubt, the urn jewelry held close to heart helps in easing your pain and brings peace to a grieving heart. Wearing such a piece of jewelry allows you to memorialize the precious moments you once shared with a loved one. It helps you find a path to closure and move forward after a loss.

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