How Crematory Jewelry is Made

Crematory jewelry is a new trend that allows you to keep your loved one with you wherever you go. The jewelry is actually made from the ashes of your loved one. This is done by the same process that is used to create synthetic diamonds.

First, the cremated remains of your loved one are sent to the specialist. The specialist then filters out the carbon that is created during the cremation process. This carbon is filtered out in what appears to be a black powder. If enough carbon can be filtered out of the ashes, it is then used to create a synthetic diamond. You still have the ashes of your loved one for the urn on your mantel, but you will also have this unique piece of jewelry to carry them with you always. This is the beauty of crematory jewelry.

The sooner your loved one is delivered to the specialist for this process, the more likely it will be that you will be able to have the jewelry made. Some experts in this field will actually handle the entire cremation process for you, filtering out the carbon for the jewelry immediately. This is the best case scenario. However, it is possible to have the jewelry made after the cremation has already taken place somewhere else. The diamonds created from the carbon ashes can be used in any piece of jewelry, whether it be one that you already own or one that is designed for you. You can also choose pieces of crematory jewelry that are pre designed and waiting for the jewel.

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