How Photo Engraved Pendants Can Help Your Child Grieve

Dealing with death is difficult for everyone, but it is especially hard on children who are old enough to understand death but have never dealt with the passing of one close to them. In many cases, the first death that children must face is the passing of a childhood pet. Watching a pet age, grow ill, and sometimes suffer with the pains of old age before it dies naturally or must be put down is very painful, and it’s common for older children and pre-teens to react with intense feelings. There are many ways that you can help your child through this process, and one way is to have a photo engraved pendant made so that he or she can always remember their pet as it once was.

These pendants can help your child’s grief on several levels. Their grief will be most intense in the first few days of the pet’s passing, and having something to hold onto with the pet’s photo on it will be a great comfort to them. They can look at it as often as they want, and it will encourage them to grieve in a way that is healthy instead of bottling it all up, which can be harmful later on. As time passes, the pendant will allow your child to remember how much their pet meant to them. This will prompt good memories and anecdotes about the pet, which is extremely healthy when it comes to grieving and proper closure.

Later on, as time goes by and your child grows up, he or she will always have a permanent keepsake of their beloved animal which they can show to their own children as they share happy memories or even use it to help them through the death of a pet. It will stand as a token of love and affection for years to come and remind everyone that even though our animals pass on, they are never far from our thoughts and always remain in our hearts.

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