Justin Bieber Helps Animals with his Trademark Hair

In news everywhere, it has been reported that Justin Bieber cut his trademark shaggy hair. For some people, this means nothing, but for the animals, it could mean a world of difference. A lock of Justin’s hair was given to Ellen DeGeneres on her show in an autographed box for her charity, The Gentle Barn Foundation. After the show, the lock of his hair was put up for auction on eBay. After being at auction for a week, the lock of Justin’s hair sold for a whopping $40,668!  The winning bidder will get to meet Justin on his next guest appearance on Ellen’s hit talk show, The Ellen Show.

Bids for the lock of hair started at $20 and within an hour of its being posted, bids were up to $10,000. This is a new record, claims eBay. The foundation that the money is being allotted to is a rescue organization that specializes in helping families create pet memorials for those beloved pets that didn’t make it, as well as rescuing those in dire need.

The pet memorials created by the foundation are most commonly given with a donation as well as the offer to help make the selection of a new pet when the family is ready. Most people are very grateful of this because often times, people choose the wrong pets for themselves because they like a particular animals. This is an even more difficult decision when choosing a rescue animal because the animal’s back story is not always available.

The foundation says that they like to help families create a memorial for a family’s lost pet because everyone needs solace over the loss of loved ones, whether furry or not. A pet memorial doesn’t have to something fancy; it is simply a reminder of the good times you’ve shared with your animal companion.

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