Memorial Jewelry: A True Manifestation of Your Feelings for a Deceased Loved One

Often, people look for unique ways to retain the memory of a deceased loved one. No doubt, there is always a strong yearning to hold the memory of a deceased loved one close to your heart. In this regard, memorial jewelry has recently gained popularity. Once considered to be a queer innovation, memorial jewelry has become the preferred method for keeping the memory of a loved one close and alive.

The availability of a variety of choices virtually ensures that there is a piece of jewelry for individuals with different personalities. So, you can easily select a keepsake that suits your personality and taste. Indeed, a plethora of choices are available to you, ranging from the urn pendants and cremation rings to cremation bracelets, necklaces and key chains.

A few of these pieces are created to fill up the pendant with a part of your loved one’s cremated ashes. However, other pieces feature a chamber attached to hold the remains of your beloved. It is not always necessary to place the ashes of your loved ones inside the chamber. Other memorable items include crushed and dried flowers, earth from the burial site of a loved one or a few strands of hair. Generally, bracelets and necklaces are suitable for this kind of choice.

Portrait pendant is another choice for memorial jewelry. Here, a laser is utilized to etch a copied portrait over the surface of pendant. Moreover, the portrait is transferred permanently to a pendant usually provided by a relative, family member or close friend of the deceased person.

The latest addition to the range of memorial jewelry is a cremation diamond. These diamonds can be created through a small portion of the cremated remains or a few strands of hair. In the beginning of the process, carbon is extracted. Thereafter, the carbon is subject to extreme heat and pressure.

A few pieces of memorial jewelry can be specifically designed for display in your home. Moreover, there are glass domes especially made for this purpose. These domes can be utilized for the display of jewelry in a beautiful and a tasteful manner. Often, storage boxes are available with jewelry. They can be utilized for the purpose of storage or display when the jewelry is not worn.

Apart from all these, memorial bracelets are also available with the name of the deceased loved one engraved on them. Majority of people wear these bracelets as a remembrance of a loved one who lost his/her life during a war or military action. Generally, the design of these bracelets resembles a cuff. They could be made from steel or any other metal.

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  1. Cindy
    Posted April 20, 2011 at 12:10 am | Permalink

    My friend is trying to get over grieving for her husband. Is wearing the jewelry prolonging the grieving process? I am just curious….Thanks

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