Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry with face

Memorial jewelry has been in use for centuries. This special jewelry is commonly used after the passing of a loved one. Since death for many is perceived to be an “end” to things, the jewelry helps provide a way to preserve what may seem lost by many. Memorial jewelry was once made of materials such as black jet and was very somber. Now, memorial jewelry is being made from other precious metals like sterling silver or gold.

Styles of memorial jewelry available

Cremation Jewelry

Sterling silver cross jewelry keepsake

Cremation jewelry is one of the newer types of memorial jewelry available. Although memorial jewelry has been around for decades, cremation jewelry has only become popular in the past thirty years due to the rising popularity of cremation. The jewelry is unique in that it has a small compartment which can hold a small amount of ashes. Additionally, the jewelry can commonly be personalized with things such as engraving or a photograph. The jewelry is available in a wide variety of materials such as:

  • Sterling silver
  • Gold (yellow and white gold)
  • Gold vermeil (gold plating)
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Wood
  • Pewter

Photo Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry shown with a photo on a heart

With a wave of new machinery available there has been an increased popularity of photo memorial jewelry. This jewelry is typically made either by using a machine such as a laser engraver or a photo jewelry printer. These new technologies have helped to make this level of personalization possible. Items can be permanently engraved with any photo and made to last forever. Engraving is typically done on to either metal or wood. Metal can be coated with special materials such as rhodium to enhance the surface hardness. The enhanced hardness makes the image last much longer on the memorial jewelry.

Man-Made Diamond Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry diamond made from the carbon contained in ashes

Another new unique memorial has been brought to light recently; a man-made cremation diamond. These synthetic diamonds are made from the ashes of a loved one. This highly-unique memorial jewelry is made by separating the organic matter in ashes from the carbon. The carbon is turned into graphite and then exposed to extreme heat and temperature over a period of time.

These cremation diamonds are available from companies such as LifeGem starting at around $2000 to $20,000. One individual’s ashes are enough to create dozens of these synthetic diamonds. This unique and expensive option is one of the most unique forms of memorial jewelry available today.

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