My Baby is Forever Close to Me

I never thought the tragedy of losing a child would strike out household, but when my husband and I lost our four-month old daughter to renal failure last year, the pain and grief that we felt was overwhelming. Michelle had been born premature and with several medical problems, and we were told that she might not survive, but we had hope as she reached her fourth month. However, her condition suddenly deteriorated rapidly after that, and we had to face the reality of her loss.

Things were especially difficult after Michelle’s passing—there seemed to be reminders everywhere we looked, and the closure that my husband and I needed so desperately seemed impossible until a link I followed from a grief counseling site led me to the discovery of memorial jewelry. The pieces on the site were tasteful, beautiful, and affordable—it was the perfect way for both of us to keep Michelle close, even though we planned to inter her ashes next to my mother, who had passed suddenly from a stroke soon after I discovered I was pregnant.

The matching silver pendants that my husband and I purchased have helped us both feel that our baby is forever with us. Each one holds several fine strands of her blonde hair, which I carefully cut away before she passed. The engraving we chose for each, (along with her name) is “forever in my heart,” and wearing the pendants help us feel that closeness each and every day. This way, a part of her always remains with us physically as well as spiritually. It eases our grief, and each time I feel like I can’t face the day, all I have to do is touch my pendant, remember that my little girl is smiling down on me, and that I should always smile back.

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