Necklace Urns – Remembering the Dead with Jewels for the Living

The ash pendant has been seeing something of a rise in popularity recently as an alternative to the more traditional cremation urns for people. Often disguised as other forms of jewelry, necklace urns can sport gems made from the ashes of the deceased themselves alongside more traditional stone settings. Necklace urns are also suitable for keeping the ashes of particularly loved departed pets close at hand. They are a simple and often unnoticed memorial where you know the significance of the item without needing to broadcast its nature to those around you.

The designs for people are as varied as you might wish, although angels are a common motif attached to plain tubes. The appeal of them is almost embodied in their simplicity. When we get to commemorating pets however there are some lovely and quirky alternative designs, including ball of yarn charm style pendants for cats, or cartoon style bones for dogs. One particular favorite is a small silver and gold food bowl.

In terms of the materials used, these can vary from precious metals and steel with plated materials, through to hardwood keepsakes, often in the shape of bones or paw prints for animals, or hearts for people.

The beauty of the necklace urn, particularly in this more mobile and busy life, is that you can keep a part of your loved one with you as a token rather than be saddled with a memorial urn in your home that might prove to be more morbid over time than you might be comfortable with. There’s something particularly life affirming about the necklace urn that is more appealing to some people, particularly if they are young and active. Sometimes just that token reminder is enough while we move on to rebuild and to live as we know our departed loved ones would wish us to.

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