Cremation Pendants

When someone very close to you dies it is always very difficult to say goodbye you will want to remember them for who they were and try and keep their memory alive. Although more and more people are choosing to be cremated after they have gone you will then need to decide what to do with the ashes. One idea which is becoming very popular is having your loved ones ashes placed in cremation pedants.

Tie Heart With Stones Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Cremation has been popular for centuries and it is always difficult to know what to do with the ashes once they are given back to you. They are often placed in a box which you can keep in a room in the house or choose to scatter them in a favorite place. Although until recent years cremation was seen as something that only the wealthy did it is a lovely way to pay a tribute to your loved one. It is also very environmentally friendly and is far better for the planet than burials.

Cremation pendants are becoming popular as you can choose to split the ashes into a number relevant to the members in the family and then make pendants. There is only a very small amount actually used within the cremation pendants and the rest can be stored in an urn or scattered. How you treat your loved ones ashes is entirely your decision and many people feel that cremation pendants allow you to have a piece of your loved one close to your heart at all times.

Traditional Cross Gold Cylinder Stainless Steel CremationJewelry

There are many different designs of the cremation pendants and depending on which you prefer the ashes can either be on display or hidden inside. There are no limits when it comes to deciding what you want your pendant to look like and you can have them made from several different materials. The cremation pendants are identical to other pieces of jewelry and they can be designed around a theme or special design for you. You can have this piece of jewelry as discreet looking as you want or you can show off the fact you have ashes around your neck.

The cremation pendants will look stunning and can be designed as elaborately or as subtle as you want. You can have them with gemstones, bright colors or very simple and plain. There are no rules when it comes to the design of your cremation pendants as they should be as unique as you are. This style of pendant is becoming very popular and can help you to come to terms with your loved ones death. It can be a very traumatic time in your life and this is the ideal way to keep them close to you.

You can have some words or a special saying engraved onto the cremation pendants and each member of the family will wear theirs with pride. Although this type of piece is not for everyone it is becoming a very popular thing to do. You will feel closer to your deceased loved ones rather than having them sitting on a shelf in your house. The bond you had when they were alive will continue on through the cremation pendants.

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