Pet Cremation Jewelry

More and more people now own pets and as they are part of your family for a long time you will understandably be upset when they die. More people are having their pets cremated as it is far better for the environment and in some cases you simply will not live in a place able to bury them. Once they have been cremated it is hard to know what to do with the ashes and although they will be given to you in a lovely wooden box or urn there is more you can do.

Having pet cremation jewelry made is becoming very popular having some of your animals ashes placed into jewelry is perfect. This will allow you to carry your pet around with you and feel close to them at all times. Grieving takes a long time and even if you think you are prepared you often will not be and having a piece of keepsake jewelry can help you to cope. There are many different designs that you can have made for your cremation keepsake which will be unique to you.

You can choose to have pet cremation jewelry which you can wear at all times and other pieces which can be worn on special occasions. You can have the ashes placed in a pendant or even in a small urn to place on your key ring. There is a design for everyone and they are very small and discreet so if you choose not to tell anyone then you don’t have to. Urn jewelry is as unique as your pet once was and you can have it engraved with their name or memorable dates. What you decide on is entirely up to you your tastes, style and budget will have to be considered before deciding on a design.

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