Religious Symbols on Cremation Jewelry Honors the Message of a Life

A person sometimes leads a life of religious contribution that surpasses many of the achievements in their life in the eyes of a family member. When that beloved member of our family dies it leaves our hearts still for a moment, but we immediately recall the comfort of religion they helped bring into our lives. This is such an intimate and personal moment that we want to carry a symbol of what our loved one meant to our lives and share it with others in their own times of need. We may remember that this person always emphasized generosity and to teach through your own experience. That is a powerful message to carry on and you realize it now that this person is gone. What can we do from our own hearts to express our grief as well as our pride for the life our family member led?

My own good friend was not a true relative, but had been like a father to me in an important period of my life. His generosity was displayed through his Christian beliefs through which he used his own home as a base for a large-scale hunger relief project for those in need of food in difficult times. He gave a tremendous personal contribution to his cause, but always remained humble and grateful. I was inspired by him at a low point in my life and seeing him gone shook my heart to its foundations. By carrying some of his ashes in a small piece of jewelry around my neck, I display one of his favorite biblical teachings with me many days of the year. I chose a cross and a citation of a passage from Matthew in the New Testament to keep his memory close. This is the kind of representation we can all give to such a loved one.

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