Remembering Loved Ones With Cremation Jewelry

Cremation is becoming a widely accepted mode of helping our loved ones depart the world in peace. The tradition dates back to the Vikings and the Hindu rites of cremating their honored dead.
So what is cremation jewelry?

The cremation jewelry is a novel method of remembering your loved one. The jewelry contains some amount of the cremated ashes. The ash can also be used for creating the jewelry piece, such as the synthetic diamond that is completely made of ashes and it costs a whopping 20,000 USD. Nevertheless, the desire to keep a memorabilia outweighs any other materialistic consideration.

Though the cremation jewelries acquired popularity in the mid 1990s, it has been in existence prominently during the 16th and 17th century Europe. Aristocratic families used to wear rings and brooches that were set in black or white enameled skull and heads, as a warning to be “mindful of death”.

When Prince Albert died in the early 19th century, Queen Victoria also looked out for keepsakes jewelry to remember her husband. Interestingly, young women during the times of the American Civil War made cremation jewelries out of the hair of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War battlefront.

The trend of cremation jewelries dwindled till its revival in the late 20th century. They were no more a part of collectors’ cherished items but they became the source of remembrance and keepsake for thousands of families. The keepsakes are indestructible; they contain the memories and a part of the deceased person in the form of the ashes. =no doubt, they are a part of family heirloom. These jewelry pieces are an interesting addition to the memorial functions.

In fact, the trend is also a diversion from the traditional practice of storing the ashes in a typical urn. Its not that the urns are outdated, they still exist but people have now turned for personalized remembrances, which jewelry can give. With urns, they had to be kept somewhere for everyone to see but the cremation jewelries is personal. A person wearing the cremation jewelry carries, in a way, memories of the personal bond that existed only between two special people, with no one being a privy to that.

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