Share Cremation Jewelry to Help Heal the Pain

The death of parent prematurely can be hard for anyone to deal with, but when it strikes while a child is still young or in their teens it can be especially damaging. This is due to the fact that at this young age a child has likely never had to face a major loss and is not fully capable of understanding what the loss means to them. This is why offering them something that can be tangibly held onto such as cremation jewelry can be a helpful way to boost the healing process.

Cremation jewelry comes in many different sizes, styles, and shapes and is essentially a small piece of jewelry that has a tiny urn built into it that can hold a small amount of ashes. This allows the person who wears it to feel as if their parent is always close to them even at times when they physically no longer can be. For a small child, this small piece of security can be a great step towards healing pain that they are not emotionally mature enough to process.

It also offers them the security of feeling as if their parent is still by their side watching their every step and is something they will likely cherish well into adulthood making it one of the most important things that they own. For this reason, if you are faced with this type of situation and are attempting to help your children heal after the loss of a spouse you may want to consider taking a look into cremation jewelry.

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  1. Posted December 14, 2011 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    I lost my ‘Sugar’ after loving her for more than 14 years and I was devastated when she passed away. I had no idea of any type of memorial or cremation services available. My boyfriend took my sweet lifeless friend to the vet told me he’d done something special for me. In a few days I was given a beautiful wooden box engraved extraordinarily. It was her ashes. I was so grateful and amazed at such a loving and thoughtful gesture made by him. I was speech-less to say the least. I have it today, five years later, on my dresser and still think of all the wonderful memories I have with my adored feline ‘Sugar’ She will always be remembered.
    Thank you for furthering the options of honoring our beloved pets!

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