Stone Memorial Jewelry

A very special kind of memorial jewelry is made of ancient stone from the Holy Land.

Historical Stone from the Holy Land

As early as 2000 years BC, the Israelites mined this same stone to be used in building several historical sites that are familiar to people around the world, such as the City of Jerusalem, King Solomon’s Temple, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is said to be built over the spot where Jesus Christ was laid to rest.

The stone used in making this exquisite memorial jewelry is mined from quarries near the holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem and shipped to the United States from the Holy Land port of Haifa, in Israel. In the U.S, expert craftsmen cut, polish and hand craft the stone into simple but beautiful keepsake pendants.

Stone Memorial Jewelry Has Broad Appeal

Stone from the Holy Land is an excellent medium for memorial jewelry, and for a number of reasons. The Holy Land is a sacred place to followers of three of the world’s great religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Furthermore, several passages from sacred texts refer to God as a “rock” or “cornerstone.” These stone memorial keepsakes serve as an exquisite memorial to a loved one – strong and eternal. And memorial jewelry made of stone from the Holy Land is a reminder of God’s eternal love and the everything the wearer treasures about her faith, including hope for an afterlife, where loved ones will be united once again. Finally, stone memorial jewelry has a handsome appearance and natural feel that appeal to both men and women.

Stone Memorial Keepsakes in A Variety of Designs

The variety of stone memorial jewelry designs is limited only by the imagination and creativity of the artisans who craft each memorial keepsake. For example, you might choose a simple stone pillar engraved with the words “I am with you,” or “Shalom” – a Hebrew word for “peace” – words that are meant to bring comfort to the bereaved and serve as a reminder that he is not alone in his sorrow.

Other stone memorial jewelry designs include religious symbols, such as the hands of God, different types of crosses and angels, or a dove representing the Holy Spirit. There is also a butterfly stone memorial pendant, perhaps intended to symbolize the freedom of the soul.

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