The Urn Angel – Winged Guardians

A form of memorial urn came to our attention recently as an interesting alternative to the more traditional engraved urns. Using a more slender upright polystone or resin material, the urn takes the form of an angel with the ashes interred in the body of the main figurine.

The design styles are varied, ranging from more traditional graveyard-type praying angels to more flamboyant containers that would not look out of place in an art gallery. Perhaps the biggest selling point of some of these urn angel repositories is that they do not actually look like traditional urn designs. Many are free standing designs, but others rest within glass containers, or on plinths of their own, to give a little more stability and robustness.

Depictions of angels on urns are not uncommon of course – there are plenty of more traditional designs that use a relief carving of an urn angel as a symbol of peace, or that integrate the angel and its wings as if they are within the protective embrace of the figure. The painted details on these urns can be beautiful, especially when combined with a colorful or swirled material for the main surface of the memorial.

Our particular favorites are a type of cremation necklace that features an urn angel as part of the silver ornamentation. The wings that form such a prominent part of these miniature urns are distinctive and beautiful. The containers themselves are small, but if you like the idea of having just a small portion of your loved one with you at all times, then these might be an attractive way to share out mementoes among several loved ones. Some of these ash pendants are more abstract than others, or focus purely on the wings, whereas others have the angel as a small addition around the usual hollow container. For someone on the go, getting on with life, these are simple but lovely memorials.

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