Top Reasons to Choose Cremation Jewelry

The rise in cremations over the past several years has left many families wondering how best to memorialize the passing of their loved ones. While funeral urns have long been the primary choice in such cases, recently more families are turning to cremation jewelry to memorialize their departed loved ones. Why choose cremation jewelry? Below are the top five reasons to do so.

1.    Cremation jewelry allows multiple family members to share the ashes if a loved one. With families frequently spread all across the globe, it can be a difficult decision as to who should keep a family member’s ashes. Cremation jewelry allows multiple people to memorialize the deceased and each can do so in their own way.

2.    Holding the ashes of a loved one close to one’s heart gives many suffering with the heavy burden of grief great comfort. Many find jewelry more personal than a large urn and gain a sense of peace from keeping the loved one’s ashes physically near their heart.

3.    Cremation jewelry is one of the most economical ways to memorialize a loved one. The cost of funerals and everything associated with them continues to increase. Cremation jewelry is comparatively inexpensive, yet also deeply personal and dignified.

4.    Cremation jewelry is easy to personalize. Jewelry can easily contain a person inscription. Some pieces allow for a small picture of the deceased. The cost of adding such meaningful personal touches is also quite reasonable.

5.    Cremation jewelry is small and can be worn discretely. Unlike a funeral urn, which is sometimes awkwardly displayed, jewelry is small and can be worn under clothing if desired. Others do not have to know the significance or contents of cremation jewelry if the wearer does not wish to share.

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