Tribute to A Loved One from the Core of Your Heart

The fondness for cremation jewelry has inspired imaginative designers to create new and more beautiful designs in various forms. You can opt for urn pendants that can be worn close to the heart or displayed, cremation urn bracelets, a cremation ring or a necklace that beautifies your neck. However, if you want to have a memorial keepsake that can be carried in your pocket then cremation jewelry key chain is what you are looking for.

Similar to other cremation jewelry pendants, keychain keepsakes feature a top that unscrews into a small, inner compartment. You can place a remembrance or a small reminder of a deceased loved one inside the hollow compartment. The inner space can hold some sacred earth from the burial site of your loved one, ashes from a burnt photo, a few strands of hair, crushed flowers or cremated ashes. Unlike other pieces of cremation jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, keychain ash keepsakes include a small attachment which can be clipped over a belt, key ring or even a pocketbook or purse. A keychain keepsake provides you a wonderful way of honoring a deceased loved one. Since a cremation key chain is a reasonable alternative, every member of the family can have his or her own keepsake.

Another interesting feature of a cremation key chain is that it can be engraved. The selection of a small engraving for a key chain remembrance allows you to personalize a keepsake. Majority of ash pendant designs could be engraved with information like the name, personal inscription or date of birth and death. Since a cremation jewelry key chain is discreetly designed, no one would be able to recognize the essential contents unless you reveal the secret yourself. Moreover, the keepsakes also capture the laughter and joy a deceased loved one added to your life.

The keepsake pendant to be included in a cremation keychain can be chosen from an extensive assortment of pendants. These comprise of pendants in amber, green, clear glass or cobalt blue. The beautiful urn pendants feature an attractive, screw-on pewter top which can slide over the key chain. The pewter top is available in a wide variety of designs ranging from flowers and hearts to paw prints and Celtic knots. Memorial jewelry cylinders made of stone, metal or wood can be attached to cremation jewelry key chains.

Any one can easily create his or her cremation jewelry keychain by combining different pieces. Since each of the pieces is purchased separately, your range of choices is extensive. While you carry a cremation jewelry keepsake in your pocket, it helps you feel the eternal presence of the loved one.

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