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Urn Jewelry Can Help Many People deal with their Loss

It is often said that everyone deals with death differently, which is true. Some people isolate for a certain amount of time to deal with the pain of losing someone they love, others throw parties in honor of and to celebrate their loved one’s life. Cremation has become a very popular choice for many, and families can now choose to keep the ashes in a beautiful urn or scatter them. Something that has also become popular is urn jewelry because it allows part of the ashes to be saved securely inside the jewelry pendant as a sentiment to keep their loved one as near as possible.

Many people find jewelry urns comforting and can be worn as pendants or simply placed somewhere in the home as a keepsake of their loved ones; a beautiful piece of jewelry that carries a special memory. You have a choice of sterling silver, which is very popular because of its durability. Moreover, you can choose gold or gold vermeil, which combines sterling and gold together, and it is much less expensive than purchasing the solid gold jewelry. In addition, you can have a jewel placed on the pendants including pearls, diamonds, and amethyst, all of which add a beautiful compliment to the jewelry piece.

If you have never heard of urn jewelry, it is probably because it is a very new process that began being manufactured only about 15 years ago. Cremation has been a popular choice for many family members and was very popular hundreds of years ago, but seemed to fade a bit as the modern embalming process became more popular. However, once again, cremation has become one of the most popular ways of burials because it gives families a choice of how and where to bury their loved ones ashes. Moreover, they never have to bury them if they choose not to, which is very comforting to many people knowing their loved one is not underground all alone.

Today, there are literally hundreds of different types of jewelry urns pieces that you can choose from and as the popularity has grown, so has the choices for family members wanting to select a piece of jewelry that they can carry something of their loved one with them at all times. It is a way to honor the deceased in a way that was unheard of just a few years ago. In addition, there are jewelry items that are specifically for men, women, children, and even unisex pieces so that the family can choose something that is unique for their loved one.

While it is true that everyone deals with death differently, today, there are many options that families have, which were simply not available a few years ago. No one likes to deal with loss, but there are ways you can cope with it easier and in a way that honors your loved one’s memory, and at the same time helps you through the grieving process.

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  1. beloved cremation
    Posted March 27, 2011 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    it’s amazing what creativity can do. holding your loved ones remains close to you every single day. cremation has become easy the grieving process by keeping apart of them with us using jewelry.

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