What Constitutes the Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry partially derives its beauty from the work of skilled jewelers who visualized the exclusive designs. They also displayed the dexterity of their hands by crafting every pendant themselves. This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Cremation jewelry also depicts the quality of materials like sparkling gemstones, glistening materials and warm woods that constitute every piece.

Polyester resin, hand-blown glass, manufactured stone urn pendants and glass are a few synthetic materials utilized for making attractive, premium quality ash pendants. Moreover, such pendants are reasonably priced. Irrespective of that the materials are manufactured; every piece of jewelry is crafted manually. This offers uniqueness to every ornament.

Wood is one natural material which is frequently utilized for making cremation jewelry. Natural wood is warm, economical and elegant. Highly polished and hand-turned wood gives rise to shimmering cremation jewelry that attracts the attention of both men and women. Household woods like oak, maple and walnut can be used for making cremation jewelry. On the other hand, exotic woods like Kauri wood derived from sustainable forests are also used in cremation jewelry. Since wood is completely natural, only the natural element is sufficient for making every wood cremation memento an exclusive piece.

Strength and durability are the characteristic of metal jewelry ranging from inexpensive metals like titanium, stainless steel and pewter to costly metals like silver and gold. Even the affordable metals are as strong and curable as their costly substitutes. Particularly, titanium is suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to other metals. As compared to its expensive counterparts, titanium memorial jewelry is also corrosion-resistant.

Silver and gold are regarded as precious metals because of their rareness. In addition, their cost is also more as compared to other metals. Metals like gold, gold vermillion and silver have a considerable degree of luster and innate beauty. Moreover, they are soft as compared to titanium, pewter and silver. Hence, they cannot be worn in harsh environment.

The elegance and spark of cremation jewelry can be enhanced by engraving manufactured or natural gem stones. Semi-precious and precious stones (like diamonds, amethyst and pearls) are generally found in cremation jewelry. However, our naked eyes can rarely distinguish between such stones and their man-made alternatives like cubic zirconia that offer a cost-effective substitute.

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