What You Can Do With Cremations

If you’re like me, you thought that there was only one thing that you could do with cremations: put the ashes in an urn and stick them on the mantle. Apparently, there are many options that you have to choose from if you decide to cremate your loved one. Some of the more interesting options include buying a double urn and a cremation pendant.

Urns come for a variety of purposes: there are display urns, scattering urns, burial urns, and the most interesting of all, double urns. If two children or two spouses die at the same time, or even two relatives, then they can be kept in a specialty urn called a double urn. That way, they are together in death like they were in life.

Cremation jewelry is also an interesting use of a cremation. Different items, such as cremation pendants, are used to keep the ashes of a loved one as jewelry. The pendants are just one example of cremation jewelry, but you can also get cremation necklaces, cremation bracelets, and cremation rings. All of the ashes cannot fit inside of them, so you may have to have another storage place for the rest of the ashes, like a mantelpiece or burial urn.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll still have more options. Just because you pick a cremation doesn’t mean that your choices will be easy. It’s best to think ahead, while your head is clear from grief and emotion. Otherwise, options like cremation pendants can be overwhelming.

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